Action: Internal

Actions regarding features of terRemote.

Invoke Event

This simulates a network event. The behaviour is the same as if a network event was received, e.g. from EventGhost. If a macro picks up on the event, the macro is executed. It is not necessary to have activated the feature "listen to network events" in the terRemote options.
  • Event: The event string to be invoked
    This feature supports variables
  • Payload: The payload of the event
    This feature supports variables

Show Layout

Shows a certain terRemote layout. This induces the same behavior as if you would select the layout in the layout list, including the event "LayoutStarted.Name" being invoked.
  • Name: The name of the layout to be opened

Change Macro

Changes the "enabled" state of a macro.
  • Name: The name of the macro to be changes

Default Server

This action lets you change the default server of any layout or the global default.
  • Type: Whether to change the global default server or the default of a certain layout.