Network Event

These actions send network events of different kinds.
  • Server: The server to be used for sending the event. The option "layout default" only has effect when the action is induced by a widget. If this action is induced by a macro, "layout default" is interpreted as "global default"


Sends a string to the EventGhost server. You can also use a payload. This is an additional string that is transmitted along with the event. EventGhost can then react on this action. Refer to the basic setup tutorial for a detailed description.
  • Event: The event string to be sent
    This feature supports variables
  • Payload: The payload to send along with the event
    This feature supports variables
  • Durable: This option is not always available. When activated, terRemote will send a "down" and "release" event. During this time, the action stays active. This functionality is supported by some actions of EventGhost.

Wake on LAN

Sends a Wake on LAN (WoL) message to the server of your choice. To use this, make sure to enter the right mac address to the server settings and to enable WoL on your computer (use Google to find out how). Note that EventGhost is not needed for this feature. The WoL message is sent using a Magic Packet.


Sends a command to an XBMC client.
  • Command: The command to send.
  • Type: The type of command to send to XBMC. This also includes the possibility to obtain data about currently playing items.


To send an http request to the server. The Post and Get methods are supported.
  • Address: The url for the request. This can either be the full url like "" or just the path starting with a slash like "/test.htm". In the latter case, the address (or ip) is taken from the server parameter.
  • Port: If empty, port 80 will be used as default.
  • Method: The method to use for the request. Either Post or Get.
  • Data: The parameters to send with the request, including name and values for the variables. Values don't have to be filled out.