Action: Tasker

Communicate with the well known Android app Tasker. You need to buy Tasker to use this action. In Tasker, you have to activate receiving messages from third party applications.

Invoke Task

Executes a task in Tasker. You have to activate the Tasker option to receive messages from third party applications.
  • Task: The task to execute. Enter the name directly or choose from a list of existing tasks.
    This feature supports variables
  • Parameters: String values to pass to the task. In Tasker, you can access these values via the variables %par1, %par2, ...
    This feature supports variables
  • Variables: The same as paramets but you can give names to the variables. Access the values via %name. You should only use lower-case letters and digits as variable names, starting with three letters. You can use variables both for the names as well as for the values.
    This feature supports variables