Action: Timer

Use this for timed action. You can schedule actions to be performed after a certain time and in intervals. Running timer actions are displayed and can be canceled on the status page (access via "Options").

Start Timer

Starts a timer and defines the actions to be performed in an interval and when the time is over. If you use this in a list of actions, the app will not wait for the timer to finish. If you want to define actions to be executed when the timer it's done, define them in the "Actions when done" section.
  • Identifier: A name for the timer. This is displayed on the status page and used to find the timer, e.g. to cancel it. You can use variables.
    This feature supports variables
  • Time (in ms): The time after which the actions are performed. This is the value in milliseconds.
  • Actions when done: The actions to be performed when the timer runs out. All the variables from when the timer started are still available (e.g. the payload of the event that induced the timer). These actions will not be executed if the timer is canceled before it runs out.
  • Interval (in ms): This gives the regular time after which interval actions are performed. You can use this for example to display a countdown. When this value is zero, no interval actions are executed.
  • Interval Actions: The actions to be executed after an interval is over. The variable ${time_s} contains the remaining time until the timer is over in seconds.

Cancel Timer

Stops all running timers that match the id. The "Actions when done" of canceled timers will not be executed.
  • Identifier: The id of the timer that it to be canceled.