Action: Widget Data

Changes or retrieves the data of a Widget. To find the widget, you have to give it a name first.
  • Widget: The identifier of the widget to change
    This feature supports variables

Set Data

Use this option when you want to change the current data of certain property.
  • Change: The property that you want to change
  • To: The new value to set. Depending on the type of value (string, picture, binary option, ...) the appearance of this option can change. String values support variable substitution.
    This feature supports variables
  • Permanent: If this is checked, the changes are written to the internal database. If not, a reload of the remote will restore the original state before the change. In most applications (volume bar, currently playing song title), you will update the widget states when a layout is displayed so that it is not needed to change the database entry.

Get Data

Obtain the current values of any widget state and store it in a variable.
  • Property: The property data that you want to obtain.
  • Save to variable: The name of the variable. Note that this is only saved locally, that means that you can access the value via "${variable_name}" within the list of actions. The values are always given as strings, binary options evaluate to "True" of "False".
    This feature supports variables


This invokes a method on the selected Widget.
  • Method: The method to execute.