Display a text with varibale content

Sometimes you want to show some text like the title of the currently playing song. This tutorial shows you how to do this.
In this example, we display a string that comes to us in the payload of a Network Event. Of course, the principal idea is the same if you display information based on a button press or other events like the currently connected WiFi network.

The widget to display the text

There is no "text" widget in terRemote. This is just because a disabled button is basically nothing else than a text view. Create a Button and set some identifier that you can remember. I chose "Music.Title". Set the "enabled" checkbox off. This causes the button to not react to any clicks or other finger event.
Choose a design and maybe a text (which will be displayed when no text is set, yet. It can be empty.).

The macro

The text is supposed to be updated every time the event reaches terRemote. We thus create a Macro to do the job. Our event is called "MediaMonkey.Play" and the information is stored in the payload. ${payload.0} contains the artist, ${payload.1} the title. Of course, all this might differ with your setup. We add the event "MediaMonkey.Play" to the macro and create a new action "Widget Data -> set -> Text". In the "Widget" field we enter the identifier "Music.Title" of our disabled button. In the "To" field we put the variable ${payload.1} which will contain the title.
In the end, the macro should look something like this:
Now every time the event is sent to terRemote, the macro is triggered and changes the text of the text field/button. You can see in the pictures that I actually put three text fields and one rating bar containing the artist, album, title and the current rating. This all can be done in one macro as long as all the information is in the event (payload.0 to payload.3 contain this information).