Example: Forward messages from Tasker to EventGhost

If you want to send events from Tasker to EventGhost, you can use terRemote as mitigator and just forward every Tasker event to the EG server.

Sending events from Tasker to terRemote

Please follow the tutorial on using the Tasker plugin for a description of the basic setup. Then make sure that all Events you are sending from Tasker start with the same unique prefix like "Forward.". Without this prefix, all events would be forwarded and you could not use Tasker-terRemote communication for other purposes.

Forward the message in a macro

Create a macro and make it react to the event "Forward.*". This string captures all events starting with "Forward." and stores the part matched by the star in the variable "match.0". Add an EventGhost action to the macro and set it up as usual. I choose the event name "${match.0}" so that whenever an event "Tasker.event_name" comes from Tasker, I send the event string "event_name" to EventGhost. Alternatively, you can also write "Tasker.${match.0}" or "${event_string}" to send the whole event string, including the pefix "Tasker.".