Repeat an action while holding a button

When you navigate through a menu, for example with "up" and "down" actions, you might want to send the same action repeatedly while you hold down the button. For this example, we assume that you already have created a button. We will use the "Timer" action to realize what we have to do.

Starting the timer

Go to the button properties and add an action "on press". Choose "Timer" and then "Start Timer". We only need the interval actions. Set the "Time" value to some high value. I choose 10000 which means that the action will not be repeated for longer than 10 seconds. Leave the "Actions when done" field empty. Set the interval to the desired time between the action repetition. Setting 500 will make the action repeat every half second (twice per second). In the "Interval actions" you must add the actions you want to be repeated, like sending a "down" event to eventghost. Give an identifier to the timer. When the timer action is activated, a process with this identifier is started. You can cancel such a process using this id as we will see in the release action.

Canceling the timer

Add an "Action on release" to your button, choose "Timer" and then "Cancel Timer" and enter the identifier given to your timer.
You do not have to set a different id for every different button where you use such a timer action. If you don't press more than one button at once, using the same id for all button repetition processes is fine. Save the button changes, leave the edit mode and try your new button. It should repeat your action regularly during a button press.