Sending Data to Eventghost

This is the basic setup for sending data from your Android device to EventGhost, using terRemote and EG's network receiver plugin.

Configuring EventGhost: The Listener Server

Download the latest release of EventGhost from its official website Install the program by following the instructions.
Open EventGhost and choose "configuration" -> "Add plugin"
In the new window, click on "Network Event Receiver". Then click "OK".
Enter a password of your choice. Then click "OK"
EventGhost is now ready to receive Events. The next step is to configure terRemote to find the server.

Configurations in terRemote

Now, terRemote must be made able to contact EventGhost. Go to the terRemote preferences and click on "Add Server" to create a new server.
You must have the ip and the port for communication with the network receiver plugin. Click on "Find" to let terRemote look for the plugin and thus the ip of your computer. If you changed the port in the previous step to anything other than 1024, make sure that the "Port" field shows the right number. If you know your computer's ip, you can also just enter it here.
Finally, enter your password and click on the save button. All that is left to do is to create a button that transmits information to EventGhost. You will learn this in the Button example.
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