The system layout


How to install

On your device

This layout is usually installed automatically on the first start of your app. If your first install was before version 1.0 or if you have deleted the layout, go to options -> Import -> predefined layouts, check "System" and click "import". Don't change any of the options.
The layouts works with your default server. Configure your server if you haven't done so before. If you want to use a different server than your usual default, go to the properties of the new layout and change its default server.

In EventGhost

Mark all of the following text and copy it with Ctrl+C or by right click and selecting 'copy'.

Go to EventGhost, right click on your Configuration Tree (the first item in the right side) and select 'Paste'. If the item is not enabled, you did not copy the whole text. Try to repeat the previous step.