Using the Tasker plugin

This tutorial describes how to send messages from Tasker to terRemote and how to react to these messages. You need the app Tasker for this to work.

Sending a message from Tasker to terRemote

After installing Tasker and the terRemote Tasker Plugin, you first have to activate the option to receive Tasker events in terRemote. Go to Options->Features and activate "Listen to Tasker events". After this, you can add terRemote actions to Tasker tasks by going to Plugin->terRemote when adding an action. Enter the name of the event and maybe the payload if you need one. Test your setup by sending the event and then check whether it appears in the terRemote log.

Reacting to a message

After concluding the previous step, you can now send events from Tasker to terRemote but they will not trigger any action, yet. In the menu, choose "Macros" and create a new macro. Add the Tasker event that you want to react to. You can use the star(*) symbol or regular expressions to make the macro react to different events at once. Add the actions that you want to perform, e.g. sending another event to EventGhost or just some notification for the user like a toast message. That's it, you're done. Every time Tasker sends the event, the macro will execute the action. See the tutorial on how to forward Tasker events to EventGhost for an example application.