XBMC Setup

Here, you learn how to set up communication between terRemote and the XBMC program. Note that EventGhost is not involved and that this should work with all newer XBMC versions, even those for Linux, Mac,...

Setting up XBMC

Go to the XBMC settings, select "services" and make sure that "Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC" in the "Remote Control" section is checked. You don't have to make any other changes. Depending on your version, the actual look of the option might differ from the screenshot. If you are asked for a port, enter "9777" as this is the default port used by terRemote.

Setting up terRemote

In terRemote, make sure you have a server created that has the correct IP of your computer running XBMC. If you don't enter a port in the XBMC section, the default "9777" is used. For most users, this is sufficient.

The XBMC Action

The actions are easy to use. There are currently three different kinds of actions which you can find under "Network event -> XBMC". You can either simulate a button, perform a built-in XBMC action or display a notification. Browse through the options to find the action you are looking for.